Thundercrackers Conversion - Reborn

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Thundercrackers Conversion - Reborn

Berichtdoor Bonecrusher » 28 Dec 2013, 18:53

I looked up. Starscream and Megatron were fighting again, it's always exact the same. Starscream and Megatron are fighting, and everyday Megatron wins. And another routine is that we everyday trying to concquer this planet but everyday we fail. Specially I have nothing against human but if I let see that to Megatron my spark will not giving light anymore. Suddenly Starscream falls back withdraws. ''Your gonna pay for this, Megatron! I will go to the Autobots to destroy you! Thundercracker, Skywarp go with me.'' shouts Starscream. Why must I go with him? Is this not a lie? I know Starscream and he is a very good liar, but give it a try. ''If Skywarp and Thundercracker follow you. I will blast their heads off.'' says Megatron. How can Megatron dare to say that. I will blast his head off. ''Megatron.... your an awkward remember that, you selfish Deceptichop.'' says Thundercracker loud. Then he, Starscream and Skywarp transforming into F-12 Raptors and flies out of the window to The Ark, the headquarters of the Autobots. ''This is not my problem, I can substitute them easy.'' whispers Megatron. Must I not go back and finish Megatron? No, he is to powerfull. I will train at Autobot Headquarters and will be one of the strongest and fastest Autobot in history. But I will obey Optimus Prime. If Starscream don't lie this time.

Starscream tolded the truth, in the distance I see The Ark. When we are in the entrance. You here a hard noise. You see Optimus, Cliffjumper, Brawn, Prowl and Sideswipe are running to them. ''Disepticreeps, must I blow them in pieces?'' says Cliffjumper mockingly. Must I blow him to pieces? If he touch me I will hit him so hard he will land on Cybertron. ''We are come in peace. We wanting to be Autobots.'' says Starscream. I don't know if Starscream really wants to be an Autobot. I think he want to be the Leader of the Decepticons to defeat Megatron with help of Optimus Prime. ''And why?'' says Optimus Prime. Typical a Leader thinks smart and will ask so many questions. ''Because Starscream has fighting with Megatron and loses again. He wanted to be an Autobot to take revenge of Megatron and I and Skywarp wants exacty the same. Specially I have nothing against humans but because I was under command of Megatron and I will say it to him. My head was a trophee.'' That feels good. To tell the truth, the most time I lie too like Starscream. But this time the truth feels better. ''Well give it a try but you three will are additional monitored by all Autobots and specially me. And if you three gets respect of the most Autobots I will believe you three then.'' Yes, we are now Autobots and I hope they will accept me. ''Thank you sir. We are now under your command and will rescue other Autobots or sentient beings if they have a problem but we will never rescue a Decepticon because they'e our enemies.'' says Skywarp. That's the spirit Skywarp, I think he will be too a great Autobot. ''No Skywarp, we must also save Decepticons. We must only kill them in a honest battle.'' says Optimus. I find everything good if Optimus finds so. ''We agree with that Prime.'' I, Starscream and Skywarp are now reborn.

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